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Reinventing civilisation, reinventing food production

Welcome to the future of food

At the beginning of the 21st century only electricity and running water were considered indispensable parts of housing. 

By mid-century, however, most homes were directly connected to food growing systems. Local and decentralised, they changed civilisation by the roots, bringing unprecedented social transformation. Protected from the elements and self-maintaining through the use of solar energy and symbiotic systems like aquaponics, these edible landscapes spoke of a responsible abundance. One were human individuals had a right to connect with their food sources and exert power and control over their nutrition.

If a home was built, a local food source was built or expanded.

Uncomplicated to maintain and replicate, knowledge on how to procure these mini ecosystems was taught from infancy. Like a human photosynthesis, they were self-sustaining extensions of ourselves - our energy source.

Food reunited our neighbourhoods showing us our common nature and origin.

All around us, the city of the future was edible.

A Chain Reaction of Change

The above brought a freedom once unknown. The sharing economy evolved beyond Uber and Airbnb. In the new developed world the meaning of home was redefined, becoming an interchangeable, shareable and smart self-sustaining living space with the capacity to feed its dwellers. 

This allowed for people to live a life and not only make a living: the neonomads grew in numbers. Cycling, walking or driving the Earth in solar powered vehicles, our roots were free to resurface and meet our planet. Where you settled you found the essentials for survival. Inert dark grey and uninviting concrete replaced by a welcoming transparent of glass and green. 

An app in your mobile showed you a growing global grid of self-sustaining eco-villages and neighborhoods. You would choose your next destination, able to trade your food secured home with someone else's, find an open doors dwelling or be welcomed where surplus allowed. New digital currencies facilitated mobility. Working and learning remotely from most corners of the Earth and having this freedom to go and see the wonders out there, towards welcoming destiny (and calling the human race our neighbor) changed the way we perceived ourselves. This global organism of self-sustaining communities became our shared home.

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Your electric bike is ready. Packed with supplies from your local farm, you will drive one week south to your next destination, alone or with your tribe, your friends and loved ones, to the place you will call home for the next months. And you had been doing so for 8 years.

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Going off-grid once meant being separate, isolated. Now the grid was composed of self-maintaining cells, that delivered an abundance that could be traveled. We walked the Earth together and my home was everybody's home.

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