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Cultural Diversity: A Problem for Extraterrestrial Contact

What is the wisest method to approach an extraterrestrial civilization?

C U L T U R A L    C O N V E R G E N CE

If convergent evolution on Earth is an indication of what we might find in planets with conditions like ours, we can predict the existence of a species on a twin Earth with metacognition (self-awareness), an analog to the prefrontal cortex and manual dexterity. This article tries to predict how would an alien,"warp-capable" civilisation approach humanity if they found us. As it turns out, supposing they were not all that similar to us or possessed different kinds of intellect, all life as we know it, shares something primordial: the survival instinct, and intelligent life, most likely, survival logic. This last one is fundamental for the hypotheses presented here.

W H E N   W I L L  W E   '' P H I S I C A L L Y ''   M E E T   T H E M ?

Are we centuries or millennia away from building a ''faster'' than light spaceship? Consider the recent…