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Would we be lucky if benevolent aliens owned the Earth?

Astronomers have detected over 20 potentially habitable exoplanets as of February 2015 and the number will probably double by the end of the year. Seven are less than 25 light years. See the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog.

If our galaxy is teeming with life and probably intelligent life, from the estimated 40 billion habitable planets in it, why are we not being contacted by aliens? Civilizations just a few hundred years ahead of us, might already have found a way around the light barrier problem without having to break the laws of physics. Why aren't they stopping at our system, then? Even with a hyperdrive, interstellar travel might have its limitations. If  a light year could be traveled in one week, it would still take over a thousand years to traverse our galaxy. Perhaps they are very far away or as this post explores, already here.

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U N C O N T A C T E D    T R I B E S

The idea that there's plenty of intelligent life around us that we are unaware of…